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Visiting Me

Healer Member of the NFSH (The Healing Trust) 256 LADYSMITH ROAD ENFIELD MIDDLESEX, EN1 3AFDIRECTIONS FOR FINDING THE ABOVE ADDRESSLadysmith Road is located off 'Carterhatch Lane' (less than 10 mins. from junction 25 of the M25). From the 'A10 Great Cambridge Road', follow the sign to 'Forty Hill'. Take the next turning on the left after 'Lloyds Lanes' (David Lloyd Sports Centre). If you are coming by bus, only the '191' route serves both ends of Ladysmith Road. Please ensure you that you alight at Lloyds Lanes in Carterhatch Lane. Do not get off at the 'Southbury Road' end of Ladysmith Road, unless you are prepared to face a 3/4 mile walk. Visitors coming by car may use the off street parking facility (accessible only from Carterhatch Lane).A schematic map showing the location of Ladysmith Road in relation to local main roads is given below. A more detailed map giving other road, rail and bus routes, is available on request.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION May I be accompanied to the healing session?By all means bring a friend or relative with you. A downstairs waiting area is available A selection of magazines and other information leaflets on Healing are available. If you feel that you need some ‘moral support’, there is no objection to a third person being present during the actual Healing session. It is preferred that young children (unless coming for treatment) are not brought along since they can disrupt proceedings.Are the facilities suitable for disabled persons ?The main Healing Room is located on the first floor but there is an alternative area avialable on the ground floor for those patients who cannot negotiate stairs . The maximum doorway width for wheelchairs is 29 inches (74 cm). A portable ramp is available to facilitate easy access over the entrance threshold. If the ramp is required, please ensure that this is requested prior to your visit. Disabled toilet facilities are available on the ground floor.



KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer


Visiting Me


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