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KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer




LIST OF TOPICS (click number shown in to be taken to appropriate page) SPIRITUAL HEALING * What to expect and how to get the most benefit Can children receive Healing? Are there any formalities that need to be carried out at the time of my first visit? What is your normal procedure when giving Healing? Will I experience any sensations or effects during a healing session? What can I do to augment the healing process? * The subjects listed above constitute my general information leaflet which is available by post by ordering under 'Contact' above INSPIRATIONAL WORDS a) ‘Only Next Door’- Words of upliftment for those who have suffered bereavement. b) ‘Truth’ – Breaking free from religious dogma and starting on the path of Spiritual Enlightenment. c) 'Sue's Prayer' - Trying to come to terms with human suffering.LEGAL MATTERS Describes the legal position when giving healing to children under 18 years of age and to animals.ABSENT (DISTANT) HEALING Describes the process and how it may be obtained from the NFSH (The Healing Trust) as from myself. well as directly from myself. ABOUT MYSELF Describes my background and experience as a Healer. This section also gives my policy on charging for Healing and how to policy on charging for Healing and how to make a booking.VISITING ME Gives directions on how to find my practice in Enfield (North London) and details of Disabled Access Disabled Access. ALL IN THE MIND Is Spiritual Healing merely a placebo effect? WHO TO GO TO FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING - Finding a reputable Healer. ADVICE ON BECOMING A HEALER If you think you possess the healing gift and want to know more on how to develop it. COUNSELLING & SPIRITUAL HEALING - Information leaflet answering the question: Should Counselling be part of Spiritual Healing ?ADVANCE TOPICS The following subjects are only accessible as off-site links. They are primarily intended for the dedicated student or health care professional who requires a more in-depth for the dedicated student or health care professional who requires a more in-depth understanding of 'Spiritual Healing' and how to gain the maximum benefit. The four subjects make up a complete text: Part 1: How to get the most benefit from a healing session (eight A4 pages) Part 2: The power of the mind (seven A4 pages) Part 3: The Importance of correct breathing (fifteen A4 pages) Part 4: Visualisations (sixteen A4 pages) The complete text (45 pages) is also available under the title: ‘How to best work in partnership with your Healer’ by



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