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KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer





COULD SPIRITUAL HEALING BE OF BENEFIT TO YOU? Unfortunately, in much of what is termed 'The Western World', and particularly the United Kingdom, which has basically a free national health service, we have been brought up in a culture which expects a doctor or other health care professional to make us well whenever we fall sick. We invariably put the entire onus on them to prescribe some form of treatment which requires the minimum effort on our part to see an improvement in our condition. After a period of time if the adverse condition persists, we may then consider consulting an ‘Alternative’ or ‘Complementary’ Therapist, but still expecting them to accept the responsibility of bringing about an improvement in our health. Although of course, there are medical conditions which can come about through no fault of our own, the majority are at the very least aggravated by our life style. Poor diet, lack of regular exercise, smoking and drinking to excess, as well as the taking of addictive drugs can all be contributory factors to many adverse medical conditions, and unless the underlying cause of our condition is addressed, then it is likely to persist irrespective of what type of medical treatment one seeks. Sadly, too often Spiritual Healing is confused with ‘Faith Healing’ and such healing is often sought as a last resort when all else has failed or when a terminal illness has been diagnosed. I need therefore, to emphasise before you consider accessing other pages on this website, that Spiritual Healing is very much a complementary form of treatment. It should not be regarded as a substitute to, or in competition with, any form of mainstream medicine. Spiritual Healing can for example, very much help to accelerate the bodies own healing capacity following major trauma such as invasive surgery. Spiritual Healing will be most effective if you recognise that your role in the process is not simply passive and that in fact, you have a vitally important function for the process to succeed. If you are prepared to accept that ultimately each of us must accept responsibility for our own wellbeing and that nobody can take this away from us, then I can say that it is probable that you will benefit both physically and emotionally from receiving Spiritual Healing. However, it should be emphasised that such healing is not about performing miracles and with certain conditions it would be unrealistic to expect a complete cure. It is a fact of life that our bodies begin to break down as we grow older and whilst by looking after them, we may be able to slow the process down and ease some of the adverse symptoms; it is a process which cannot be reversed. If you can accept the above principles, then please read on to ascertain the best way to access all the information on Spiritual Healing contained on this website. Are you like me frustrated sometimes by trying to find the precise information you are looking for on a website? Some sites can be far too complicated for their own good and often page names are misleading as a reliable navigational point. I would be the first to admit that I am a complete novice when it comes to website design and therefore, what I have tried to do is concentrate on providing factual information which is easily accessible. To this end, I have included a 'List of Topics' from which you can navigate easily to any of the titles given. This site is primarily a reference source and is somewhat devoid of any photos or illustrations mainly because of license and copyright considerations. I hope it can be developed in due course to incorporate a more pleasing design and I would welcome any constructive comments relating to any aspect of its content. A link has been provided as a means for you to obtain free advice on any matters relating to Spiritual Healing.


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