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General info. 4

What can I do to augment the healing process? As already stated, your role is crucial for healing to be effective. Please do not think that you can put the onus on me to make you well. Ultimately, you must accept responsibility for your own wellbeing - NOBODY can take this away from you. You must do everything within your physical and mental capacity to create the optimum conditions whereby Healing is given the very best chance to succeed. Our body has a marvelous ability to heal itself if we are prepared to do everything we can to help it. This means, eating a healthy and balanced diet and ensuring that you get sufficient exercise whereby your body is getting an adequate supply of oxygen. This will help keep the body working efficiently at a cellular level and prevent a build up of impurities or toxins in the blood stream. Many medical conditions are often aggravated or even caused by our lifestyle. Unless the underlying reason for our ailment is addressed, then it is likely to persist, even with the intervention of Healing, or any other form of medical treatment.Trying to cut down the stress factor can make a huge difference to our overall feeling of wellbeing. Meditation and visualisation techniques should form part of your daily routine. I will be able to give you further advice in this respect, when I see you.It is important that you try to feel as relaxed as possible during a healing session and 'switch off' from your surroundings. Try not to be too analytical, thinking about what is going on around you or if you are feeling any effect or sensations. Close your eyes and listen to the background music and allow your mind to drift off into an environment which you find relaxing and pleasurable. This might be walking along a secluded beach or being in the country surrounded by the wonders of 'Mother Nature'. It does not matter what images you create provided that they make you feel 'at peace with the World', free from your everyday worries and anxieties. This will allow your whole being to open up to the full effect of the power of Healing.It should be made clear, that it is not my function to offer a medical diagnosis or to recommend any other course of treatment. Healing is very much about stimulating your own body's capacity to heal itself in collaboration with any remedy you may be receiving through mainstream medicine, or perhaps some other form of alternative or complementary treatment. I will however, during our sessions together recommend to you, as appropriate, different self help techniques to augment the healing process. These should be carried out between visits so that the healing process may continue and not be allowed to simply wear off.

KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

What can I do to augment the healing process?





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