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Will I experience any sensations or effects during a healing session? The most common for the recipient is one of heat being transferred through my hands. Sometimes this may be quite intense and is more than just a simple transference of body heat. On other occasions the reverse effect of coldness may be experienced. A tingling sensation can also occur and you may also be aware at various times of a tremor or vibration being transmitted through my hands. If you do not experience any of these effects, you must not think that Healing has not worked for you. Often the healing energy will work at a subtle level and no physical sensations will be experienced. Sometimes any effect may not be felt for several hours or even days, afterwards. It is also not uncommon to visualise beautiful or vivid colours. These are more often within the blue part of the spectrum, but may be of any colour. Why any of these effects should be experienced and what they mean is a matter of conjecture, but should always be taken as an encouraging sign that Healing is having a beneficial effect.Changes in your physical or mental wellbeing whilst you are actually receiving Healing will much depend on your state of mind and the particular physical ailment. Even with the same recipient, each session may have a completely different effect. Some conditions can respond quickly to Healing whereas others may take a lot longer. Do not expect any dramatic changes in your condition after just one or two healing sessions. You will need to become accustomed to the Healing process and be totally relaxed before the healing energy will have maximum effect.I strongly believe that we must first heal the mind before we can expect any change in our physical wellbeing. New recipients of Healing are often surprised when they find that they begin to feel emotional as barriers are broken down, allowing all those pent up feelings to be released. So, do allow all that emotion to just pour out be it sorrow, anger, frustration or whatever. Have a good cry if you want to and get it out of your system. Healing is not just about making people 'well' in the physical sense - that is not always possible; Healing is also about helping people to come to terms with a particular situation. To help them find the strength and resolve to 'go on' and to make the most of their life. Indeed, to turn adversity to their advantage and to find that 'inner peace'. Please therefore, do not feel embarrassed if you find you cannot control your emotions - I can provide plenty of paper handkerchiefs.Often recipients of Healing become so relaxed that they will drift off into a sleep like state or feel a floating sensation. They can become so contented in their 'own private world', often completely free from any pain or anxiety, that they are reluctant to return to 'reality'. You may find that you feel a little 'spaced out' or light headed after an intense healing session and you would be advised to sit down in the reception area for a few minutes before you leave, particularly if you then intend to drive a car.It can also happen, either during or after a healing session, that the symptoms of your medical condition may appear to become more acute, or pain will be felt coming to the surface and dispersing. Please do not be discouraged by this and be put off from having further sessions. In point of fact, this is usually an encouraging sign that your body is beginning to fight back and is for example, discharging an accumulation of harmful toxins. Any such adverse reaction usually soon passes although some long standing conditions may take longer, but should progressively diminish.

KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

Will I experience any sensations or effects during a healing session?






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