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General info. 2

What is your normal procedure when giving Healing? I normally ask patients to sit on a stool at their first session. If you suffer from back trouble or any condition which may make you feel uncomfortable at not having a back support, please do say so and you will be provided with a chair. At subsequent sessions, if it seems more appropriate, you may be invited to have Healing on a couch.There is no need to remove any clothing other than perhaps a coat or jacket. You may also remove your shoes if it makes you feel more comfortable. This will be necessary if you subsequently have Healing on the couch. I normally play soothing music in the background to help you to relax and have a large library of such music from which you may, if you like, make your own selection. You can also bring along, on either cassette or CD, your own piece of music or 'natures sounds' which you find particularly relaxing. If however, you would prefer healing to be conducted in silence, please say so.It is also my normal practice to conduct healing sessions with adequate lighting. Only occasionally, when it has been mutually agreed and deemed suitable, will Healing be carried out in semi darkness with the aid of oil burning or candle light.Most of the time during a Healing session, I will either stand behind you or at one side. I usually start by giving you just a minute or so of light massage to your neck and shoulders, to help to relax you and to relieve any tension. I commence the actual healing session by putting my hands stationary on your shoulders. This is how I make the 'connection', not just in a physical sense but how I 'tune in' to receive the healing energies. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to hold hands to make this initial 'contact'.You will then feel my hands gently working slowly down your back on either side of your spine. This connects me to all your vital organs and I may be guided to stop or return to a particular area. My hands will then work at both ends of your spine, from just below your skull and extending all the way down to the lower lumbar region of your back. There is a very strong energy flow down your spinal column which also connects me to your central nervous system.I will then normally work on or around your head. Often one hand will be felt cupping the back of your neck where the spine joins with the skull ( the Occipital Bone). Sometimes, particularly with headaches, I will lightly stimulate the forehead and temples. Up to this stage there will have been light physical contact but only in the areas already described. If I then feel it necessary to touch you anywhere else, I will ask your permission. You may be assured that I will never touch you in what could be regarded as more 'sensitive' areas and which could cause offence or embarrassment.There will normally be part of the Healing session when no physical contact will be made. You may however, become aware of my hands working a few inches away from you, particularly when this is around your head. I will also be working on different energy centers located down the main torso of your body, but always keeping my hands at a respectful distance. If at subsequent sessions, you are invited to receive Healing on the couch, this will necessitate less physical contact. Any touch will be mainly restricted to the head, arms and shoulders. Connection is also sometimes made between shoulders, hips and lower legs or feet. More pronounced hand movements at an appropriate distance above your body, should normally be expected when a healing session is conducted on the couch. Whilst Healing is taking place I will rarely speak to you. Any distraction could interfere with the 'link' through which the Healing is being carried out. If you have any comments to make, or questions to ask, please leave these to after the Healing session UNLESS you become uncomfortable or in any distress which you should advise me of IMMEDIATELY. When the healing session has come to an end, I will normally place one of my hands on your left upper arm and the other hand on your upper back and quietly whisper to you to "start to come back slowly, but to take as long as you need" (before returning to a normal state of consciousness). A typical Healing session lasts about 20 minutes, but may take longer. It should be emphasised that at no time is any form of hypnosis used.Healers are often classified as being either 'Hands-On' or 'Hands-off', when conducting a healing session. From the foregoing, it should be apparent that I normally combine both approaches. Although in some quarters there does exist controversy as to which is the better method, it is my opinion that either or both may be more appropriate when dealing with a specific medical condition or individual. In consequence, sometimes no physical contact will be made during a healing session.

KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

What is your normal procedure when giving Healing?






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