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Distant Healing - 3

ABSENT (DISTANT) HEALING - Part ThreeTo understand this process clearly, let us use a simple analogy. We have already described how the mind regulates our physical wellbeing (see topic 14). Imagine your mind is a radio or T.V. Receiver. Firstly, it needs power (energy) for the working components to be able to receive signals (stations) which are sent out by a transmitter over specific frequencies. If this receiver is not switched on and tuned into the correct frequency, then no broadcast will be received. Likewise, it is how healing energy is received; we must firstly attune ourselves to the correct frequency and then tap into the Source. Once the connection is made we can continue to use it as long as we remain ‘switched on’. The Healer(s) is/are therefore, helping to point the ‘signal’ in the right direction to help the recipient to make the correct connection whereby it will then be up to them (the recipient) to determine how effective this source of Life Force energy will be in restoring their wellbeing. From the forgoing it should be apparent that the full knowledge and cooperation of the patient is often paramount for Distant Healing to be effective. However, the belief is held that when the conscious mind is switched off such as when a patient is in coma, that the subconscious mind re-establishes the ‘etheric’ link whereby ‘natural’ healing can take place. The NFSH (The Healing Trust) will accept requests for Distant Healing for yourself, your family, a friend or an animal. Such requests can be made by e-mail, phone, letter or fax. The NFSH (The Healing Trust) website includes a facility to request Distant Healing. The link below will take you directly to their website which provides further information on Distant, as well as Contact, Healing. The NFSH (The Healing Trust) normally carries out Distant Healing for a patient over a 6 week period although this can be extended for as long as necessary. The person making the application or the recipient should keep the NFSH (The Healing Trust) informed of any progress in their condition. Alternatively, Distant Healing may be obtained directly from me. Please use the link provided under ‘CONTACT’. Topic ‘12’ (About Myself) includes further information on my approach when carrying out Distant Healing.



KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

Absent (Distant) Healing





Link to NFSH (The Healing Trust) website:

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