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Distant Healing - 2

ABSENT (DISTANT) HEALING – Part TwoThere is the school of thought that the link by which Distant Healing is carried out will be strengthened if both parties (healer and patient) focus their minds at a predetermined time.In most cases this is impractical particularly if Distant Healing is sought through a healing organisation such as the NFSH where a dedicated group of healers will meet on various days and evenings each week and at different times. Normally a healer within the group will read out any requests received for healing and then Distant Healing will begin. The actual technique employed will be determined by the belief structure of the healing group (sometimes called a ‘circle’) and may involve a combination of prayer for divine intervention and the focusing of creative thought to surround and permeate the patient with healing energy.The patient should be encouraged to use visualisation techniques to aid their recovery and to open their minds to welcome healing and as recommended by the NFSH (The Healing Trust) – “asking to receive it and giving thanks periodically”. Animals are naturally attuned to the Universal Life Force and therefore, do not require such mental disciplines.

One of the most renowned Spiritual Healers of the 20th Century was Harry Edwards who was instrumental around 1955 in the formation of the NFSH. He very much adopted a ‘hands-on’ approach when conducting Spiritual Healing, as did most of his contemporaries of that time. It wasn’t until the 1970’s did Eastern beliefs start to influence the method by which Spiritual Healing was carried out and which today have resulted in a mainly ‘hands-off’ approach. As well as Harry Edwards performing Contact Healing, he very much carried out Distant healing and kept a record book and healing register of all his ‘clients’. In 1944 his house was wrecked by a German bomb and all his records were destroyed. He was devastated by by this event and thought that without factual in- formation about his patients, he would be largely ineffective when sending out Distant Healing. He would only be able to recall from his memory certain specific cases and transmit general prayers for the remainder. To his astonishment he found there was no falling off in the improvement of most of his patients – in fact, the percentage of good results was actually increased!

Here was evidence that the transmission of healing energies do not have to be focused by the healer for a particular patient at a predetermined time and that sending them out over a specified period is unnecessary. The concept that healing energy somehow becomes diluted and needs to be topped up periodically to maintain its potency has no factual basis in Distant Healing. The Universal Life Force has no limits to its power and effectiveness and the Healer (or group of Healers), are merely opening up a channel whereby it can be directed effectively to the recipient. Animals are naturally ‘switched on’ to receive this type of energy but the vast majority of human beings have lost this innate ability.


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KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

Absent (Distant) Healing




Harry Edwards giving Contact Healing at a public event in the North of England in 1964


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