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Advice on becoming a healer - 1

DEVELOPING YOUR HEALING GIFTSo you want to be a Healer? Perhaps you have already discovered that you possess the Healing gift and now wish to develop it further. But first, we should establish what we mean by 'Healing' and who may benefit from reading this information. Anyone who is providing treatment to the sick, disabled or infirm is a 'Healer'. Therefore, a medical doctor or someone involved in any branch of complementary medicine is in their own way performing the act of Healing.This text is intended to give advice to those who want to develop the 'gift' of channelling Healing Energy. In fact, many of the so called Complementary Therapies are using this same energy in a 'controlled' manner following the principles of their particular discipline. For example, therapies which identify the meridians of the body such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu etc., are all directing Healing Energy along recognised 'pathways' to clear 'blockages' and to restore balance and harmony at all levels of being.But in our title - 'Developing your Healing Gift', we are not referring to a particular discipline which uses the channelling of Healing Energy. We are using the words 'Healing' and 'Healer' in the simpler context of aiding another person with the process of self healing. This may involve actual physical touch, which is often referred to as 'Contact Healing' (also known as the "laying on of hands"), but often the only connection made is through the 'Mind' to the 'Source' of this energy.We have so far deliberately avoided any religious connotation in defining this Healing Energy. In point of fact, anyone can benefit from receiving Healing, or indeed, is capable of giving it. The fact that you may not wish to acknowledge the existence of a divine intelligence or 'God', but regard 'Healing Energy' simply as a natural phenomenon, as real as magnetism, does not deny its true origin. It is available to everyone irrespective of their beliefs and no group of individuals can claim exclusive possession of it. This means that anyone can become a Healer because everyone has the 'potential' to access this energy source, and it does not matter if they prefer to think it has some scientific explanation, not yet fully understood, or comes from some Divine Entity which does not discriminate on the basis of colour, creed or religion.Most Healers in the U.K. regard themselves as 'Spiritual' Healers. This means that they believe in a God or a divine creator as being the ultimate source of this Healing Energy. To be a Spiritual Healer does not mean that you have to believe in 'Spiritualism', and that those that have died can communicate with us on a different plane of existence. There are still many Spiritual Healers who do believe that they have Spirit Guides working with them, or through them, when they perform the act of Healing, but this belief is not a prerequisite to becoming a Spiritual Healer. A Spiritual Healer can be from any religious background or, like myself, not follow any specific faith or doctrine, preferring to embrace aspects of many religions and philosophies which recognise true equality, and a respect for all of Gods creation; above all, demonstrating by their actions -'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE'.We have taken several lines to explain what being a Healer means. You will now need to examine your beliefs to determine if you wish to consider yourself as being a 'Spiritual Healer' who acknowledges the existence of Divine energies, or you prefer to regard yourself simply as a 'Healer' without, at least publicly, acknowledging its divine source.

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KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

Advice on becoming a healer




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