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because of their larger national membership, if financial considerations are preventing you from training as a healer, then you should certainly consider looking at what is on offer from one of the other healing organizations which belong to ‘UK Healers’ or ‘AHA’. Links to their websites are provided under ‘Topic 15’. If one of these organisations is active in your area, then there is no reason to believe that they will not be able to provide you with training to a fully approved standard and possibly, at a much smaller financial outlay. Finally, I did mention earlier in this article the ‘SNU’ (who are incidentally one of the founder members of ‘UK HEALERS’). If you wish to develop as a healer using spiritualist principles, then the link below will take you directly to the page on their website which gives full details of what is required and how to apply for training: POSTSCRIPT Much of the above text is taken from a leaflet which I wrote for a healing group in 1996 with appropriate updates. In more recent years there has unfortunately, been a tendency to deny the divine origin of Spiritual healing and merely describe it as ‘Natural Energy’ or ‘Universal energy’ or ‘Life-force Energy’. The word ‘Spiritual’ has many definitions but first and foremost it means ‘of the soul’ – relating to the soul or spirit. Everybody has a right to make their own determination as to the source of healing energy but it is my assertion that they should not call themselves a ‘Spiritual Healer’ if they wish to deny or hide the origin of this energy as coming from a divine source. The distinction between Spiritual Healing and other complementary therapies which attempt to regulate or control ‘healing energy’ has become more obscure with the increasing trend to practice Spiritual healing using Hindu or Buddhist yogic principles and in particular, the belief in ‘Chakras’ or vortices. These are believed to penetrate the body’s aura and through which various energies, including the universal life force are received, transformed and distributed. There are believed to be 7 major etheric chakras from the crown (just above the head) to the root (at the base of the spine). Many healing courses now base much of their teaching on these Eastern beliefs which were largely unheard of in the West until the 1970’s. For me, Spiritual Healing is all about ‘going with the flow’. The healer’s role is primarily to act as a channel or conduit, and once the connection is made with the source of the healing energy, then the function of the healer should become largely passive. Some healing organisations still follow the traditional methods of performing Spiritual healing rather than embrace ‘Eastern’ techniques. Under the topic ‘About Myself’ (12), I discuss this matter further and give an insight into my own beliefs.

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