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Advice 4

European Parliament was about to impose laws which would either outlaw or severely restrict the practice of these forms of complementary/alternative treatments. Those that would be allowed to remain would have to satisfy strict criteria. Naturally, these rumours caused great consternation within the complementary health community and led to the formation of several organisations to lobby both the UK Government and EEC officials to protect the rights of individuals to receive and practice these forms of treatment. Although the threat has now largely subsided, due at least in part to the efforts of these organisations, it should not be assumed that this threat has gone away for good and these support organisations need to remain vigilant. However, out of these fears has come good in as much as it has led to stricter standards of professionalism being imposed by most of the bodies controlling the recognised forms of complementary health care. There can be little doubt that joining a healing organisation that operates to a recognised standard of competence and ethics must be in the best interests of the member in order to protect them from any future legislation which could jeopardise their ability to practice as a healer. 4) I have already stated that it will be to the Healer's advantage in developing their gift, to associate with other 'spiritually minded' people. By joining a healing organisation, this will give them the opportunity to take full advantage of all sorts of support services. The NFSH (The Healing Trust) produces the quarterly magazine - 'intouch', which is free to its members (also available to non members by subscription) and is packed with articles and information on all aspects of Spiritual Healing as well as other forms of Complementary Healthcare. Having decided that you want to become a Spiritual Healer and to join a Healing Organisation, you now have to decide which one will be the most suitable for you. There are indeed, many to choose from and most are of a high standard, but smaller associations may not be represented in certain parts of the country - their memberships often being concentrated near the localities of their main centre(s). There seems therefore, little point in recommending to you a Healing Organisation which does not have national coverage and in consequence may necessitate you travelling long distances to receive training or support. For this reason only, I am recommending you consider joining the NFSH (The Healing Trust) which has the largest coverage of any healing organisation in the UK and offers comprehensive training facilities at several locations. Residential courses are also offered from their centre at Tekals Park, Camberley, Surrey. I have described under topic ’15’ (Who to go to for Spiritual Healing) some of the requirements for becoming a registered healer. With the larger organisations, such as the NFSH (The Healing Trust) this will necessitate you attending a series of healing courses. The NFSH (The Healing Trust) is split into 12 regions and each has a Regional Training Officer. Further information on training through the NFSH (The Healing Trust) is given on their website : If you would like an informal chat with an experienced healer about your options, why not call in to one of the NFSH (The Healing Trust) healing centres? To find the one that is nearest to you, click on ‘Find a Healer/Centre’ on their website given above and enter your postcode. See also ‘NFSH by region’ for opening times and contact details. It should be pointed out that becoming a registered healer may require a not insignificant financial commitment. For example, the NFSH (The Healing Trust) will require that you attend their Foundation Courses 1 to 4 before you can be considered for full healer membership. You would be advised to contact the NFSH for details of their current fees for these courses either as Residential at Tekals Park (there is a reduced rate for Day Visitors) or through one of their regional centres. Although I have recommended the NFSH (The Healing Trust)...cont'd

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