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Advice 3

Here therefore, lies your dilemma in progressing as a Spiritual Healer. There are several conflicting views as to the best way of developing the Healing gift. Many Healers have reservations about the necessity to undergo any formal training or the need to attend courses. The belief is widely held that the Healing gift should be allowed to develop 'naturally' and a Healer should follow their own instincts or intuition to determine the most effective method which is right for them. By receiving specific instruction on how to channel the Healing Energy, the developing Healer may experience within themselves conflict between the formal training they have received and what they have been 'impressed' to do - thus impeding the effectiveness of the Healing process. On the other hand, there can be little doubt that a Healer will benefit from an association with other Healers, or any group who are seeking to develop their 'spirituality'. Only by such interaction can the Healer develop and have a greater appreciation of the Healing process. It is probably advisable therefore, that any developing Healer has an understanding of the basic elements of Healing, particularly those of 'Grounding', 'Attunement', and 'Protection', always provided that each Healer is allowed to reach their own conclusions as to how these elements should be incorporated within the process of channelling Healing energy. There are, of course, numerous books, cd’s and audio tapes available on 'Healing' and you would be advised to read or listen to a selection of these to give you as broad and balanced an understanding as possible of how others view the Healing process. Do not be satisfied by reading just one instructional book on the channelling of Healing Energy - you will find that there are many variants in approach and emphasis. Some Healers do not feel the need to join any Healing Organisation and are nevertheless very successful and competent. Often patients will be drawn to a particular Healer by reputation. Most patients are less concerned if the Healer is registered than the effectiveness of the treatment which they receive. Therefore, joining any Healing Group, Union, or Federation, does not mean that you will become a better or more successful Healer. So what advantages does joining such an organisation offer? The main benefits can be summarised as follows: 1)Most of the recognised Healing Organisations provide their members with insurance cover for public Liability at Law for claims for breach of professional duty when giving Spiritual Healing, as defined in their Constitutions and/or Code of Conduct. This Insurance may only indemnify its members when Healing is carried out within the confines of the organisations own property, for example a church. However, the insurance cover provided by most major Healing Organisations permits its members to carry out the act of Healing outside the restraints of a particular building or venue. 2)Healing is recognised by the National Health Service (NHS) and Doctors are permitted by the General Medical Council to refer patients for this form of treatment. Healers may also be allowed to attend hospital inpatients. In practice, Doctors or Hospital Medical Personnel will not permit Healing to be carried out to patients under their care unless they are fully satisfied as to the Healers credentials. This means that only registered Healers belonging to a recognised Healing Organisation such as the NFSH ( The Healing Trust) who can produce a valid membership card as proof of their competence and integrity as Spiritual Healers are permitted to attend NHS patients. Furthermore, membership of such a Healing Organisation assures the medical profession of being free of incurring any liability for the consequences of Healing or of a Healer's acts. 3) Many people take for granted in the United Kingdom that they may receive and practice practically any form of complementary health treatment which includes Spiritual Healing. What is not so widely known is that many of these therapies in other EEC countries have in the past been either severely restricted or illegal. There was a great fear in the UK that the

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