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Advice 2

We should also at this juncture emphasise that 'Faith Healing' is not the same as 'Spiritual Healing'. Certainly the Spiritual Healer has faith as previously defined, but there is a clear distinction as to the basis by which each is carried out. In one understanding of Faith Healing it is required that the patient must have 'faith' in God for Healing to be effective. Indeed, some Faith Healers will assert that when Healing is apparently ineffective, it is due to the patient's faith being incomplete or lacking. The second understanding of Faith Healing puts the emphasis on the patient having absolute trust in the ability of the Healer. Through marshalling the will and energy of the patient, their own self Healing capacities are stimulated. In other words, there is an interaction between the psyche and the physiology of the patient. The remaining part of this text is devoted to explaining the options open to those wishing to develop as 'Spiritual Healers'. Before doing so it should be made clear that some Healers although accepting that the source of this Healing energy is Divine, prefer not to use the word 'Spiritual', since with some people this can be misconstrued. For example, there are parts of the Christian church which are opposed to Spiritualism and quite wrongly assume that all Spiritual Healers are Spiritualists. Others using their own version of Christianity seem to think that only God can, or should, heal. In fact, no true Spiritual Healer believes that they are the source providing the healing energy, but are merely using a channel to the Divine Creator. This is exactly the same channel used by all faiths and religions when they pray to their 'God'. Since in the last paragraph we have made specific reference to 'Spiritualism' and 'Spiritualists', we must now explain the subtle distinction between a Spiritualist Healer and a Spiritual Healer. The Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) defines Spiritualist Healing as being: "a form of healing by the use of forces and energies from the world of spirit, channelled through the healing medium by the laying-on of hands, prayer or the direction of thought from a distance". Therefore, in simple terms a Spiritualist Healer is a Spiritual Healer who wishes to declare that they specifically believe that Gods Will and therefore, the channelling of Healing Energy, is carried out through Spirit (Discarnate) Entities. We will return to this aspect later on. From the foregoing, it will be apparent that Healing goes by several names and we have by no means mentioned them all. There are numerous other titles such as 'Magnetic' or 'Psychic' Healing but our purpose here is not to define all these differences. These titles can be more confusing than helpful and few Healers fit neatly into any category. This is another reason why some Healers prefer not to add any title or distinction to the type of Healing which they carry out. In making the decision that you want to become a Spiritual Healer you have made a profound commitment and one which should not be entered into lightly. People are brought to Healing through various experiences and circumstances and sometimes it can appear to be due to divine intervention. Whatever has brought you to this stage in wanting to develop your Healing gift, you must be sure of your motives. Whilst I have clearly stated that everyone has the ability to channel Healing Energy, very few of us realise our full potential in this respect, and many Spiritual Healers believe that our capacity to tap into this energy source is only restricted by the level at which we have each developed as Spiritual Beings. This means that when we can truly practice the meaning of 'Unconditional Love' we will be as one with God and there will be no limit to the effectiveness of this healing power. It is for this reason that we use the expression 'gift'. This is not to denote any form of superiority but simply indicates that one has reached a level of spiritual enlightenment whereby we can receive the 'Light', and use the Universal Life Force to replenish and revitalise. There will of course, be those who will dispute this understanding or question its over simplification but this only emphasizes that Spiritual Healing is not an exact science and there are numerous opinions as to the basis of how this Healing Energy is, or can be, best channelled.

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