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In this connection, I have always made an exception to visiting patients who are terminally ill and who have accepted their situation but who have no close friends or relatives to turn to for comfort or understanding. Nobody should have to be on their own in such circumstances and I regard it as a privilege to be invited by the patient to share part of their final days and to discuss openly with them any of their fears or anxieties. Above all, Spiritual Healing can help to create within us that ‘inner peace’ whereby we can willingly go to the light. A. Home visits: Can be considered for patients who are genuinely incapacitated and have no practical means of coming to me and who live within reasonable travelling distance of Enfield (North London). Please appreciate that home visits take up much more of my time and the factors already described under ‘Hospitals/Hospices’ above will equally apply. Often patients who do not find it easy to travel for treatment will have long standing medical conditions which may be irreversible or not easily cured. Please try to be realistic in terms of your expectations when considering Spiritual Healing. It may be more realistic to expect healing to help with possible physiological effects caused by a prolonged disability.Q. What is your policy on treating animals? (Please also see ‘topic 10’ – Legal Matters, relating to treating animals)A. Animals like young children can be very receptive to healing energy but unless one can be assured of their good behaviour, Distant Healing is probably the best option and can be requested under ‘CONTACT’ above. Domestic animals may be brought to me for healing but please consider that the travelling and strange surroundings may make them fretful or distressed and be counterproductive to their well-being. My experience in treating animals has mainly been with dogs and cats and I have experienced good results. I have not had the opportunity to provide healing to horses but the NFSH (The Healing Trust) may be able to provide you with a registered equine healer in your area who has the necessary experience and is prepared to travel to where your animal is stabled.

A. Please use the form provided under ‘CONTACT’ above and include the specific information requested for your particular category of enquiry. Distant Healing can be provided to anywhere in the World and your request will be acknowledged with a commencement date and how to contact me by e-mail or telephone to keep me updated with any changes in the patient’s condition. I do not have a receptionist which means that such disruptions could interfere with a healing session as well as cause delays with appointment times. If you find that you are unable to keep an appointment, please try and let me know by telephone as early as possible so that you allotted time may be offered to someone else who is in urgent need of treatment. Please also try and arrive on time otherwise your session may have to be shortened or cancelled to avoid causing delays in seeing other patients.

My father (George Leeks) 1905 - 1983

Please do not call at my home address without first making an appointment.




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