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Many healers have families to support and all the associated overheads in running a home and it is unrealistic to expect them to provide healing for free. Fortunately, I do not have such family commitments and having retired early from a reasonably well paid job, I am relatively financially secure and able to offer healing to everyone on a voluntary donation basis. In fact, there is a short fall in donations received compared with actual expenses in providing a healing service which I have to subsidise. Like my father, I believe that there are greater rewards in life than the accumulation of material things. Unfortunately, because we are now living in an increasingly materialistic society, more people assess ‘quality’ simply in terms of ‘cost’. By in effect providing healing for ‘free’, I find that one sometimes has to suffer a certain lack of respect from those who seem to be only able to measure the value of something simply by the size of ones fee. The attitude seems to be that it cannot be worth very much if you are prepared to give it away. What a sad reflection of our society that we can only appreciate something in terms of its monetary value. The irony is that I am judged not on my ability as a healer, but by the size of my fees and I would have a much more extended appointment book if I made inflated charges. However, by doing so I would be betraying my spiritual principles and the memory of my late father.

By only accepting voluntary donations one also encounters the situation that some people who can afford the most give the least and those that may be classed as ‘poor’ are often the most generous wishing to show their sincere appreciation for the help which they have received. This can mean that sometimes they are giving more than they can reasonably afford.If you wish to make a donation but are uncertain as to how much to contribute, please give due consideration to the standard of the facilities and the treatment that you have received and how much you have benefited. However, please do not donate more than you can reasonably afford especially if you need to receive a course of treatments. It is more important to me that you receive the help you need without you feeling prevented from coming again because of financial considerations.

A. Hospitals/Hospices: I had to make the reluctant decision some time ago to withdraw from making hospital visits. This does not apply to patients who are known to me and who I have previously given healing. Unfortunately, I have found far too often that in the case of requests to visit hospital patients or those who in a hospice who are gravely ill, that such requests are made by loved ones who have turned to Spiritual Healing as a last resort when conventional medicine has apparently failed. Invariably some sort of miracle is expected which is usually unrealistic. I have tried to make it clear elsewhere on this website the basis by which Spiritual Healing is carried out and that such expectations for terminally ill patients will normally result in disappointment. This is not to say that Spiritual Healing which has been allowed to complement medical treatment has not aided remarkable recoveries. It is so sad that people will often only turn to healing when it is far too late to reverse an adverse medical condition.

In the past I have been presented with the situation that the patient is no longer lucid or unconscious or in a coma and is surrounded at their bedside by relatives who are trying to come to terms with the probable imminent loss of their loved one. In this environment I am expected to be able to reverse what is invariably the inevitable and puts me, as the healer in a very difficult position. Such visits can also take up a great deal of time and parking in or around hospitals in my locality can be difficult and fees very expensive and it is difficult to broach the subject of my out of pocket expenses in such distressing circumstances. With due humility I have tried to help people whenever I can, but making the type of visit which I have just described can often only serve to exacerbate an already distressing situation. As I have said elsewhere on this website, it is not always possible for healing to make people well in the physical sense. Healing can also be about coming to terms with the realities of a particular situation and finding the strength to go on and turn adversity to ones advantage. If you are having difficulty coping with a loved one being gravely ill or they have sadly recently died, then Spiritual healing could be of great benefit to you in providing upliftment. Although I may not be in a position to visit the patient, I am always willing to provide Distant Healing (see topic11) which can be requested by clicking ‘CONTACT’ above. This is often given to assist the peaceful passing of a loved one.




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