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I have used the above technique for many years when I have felt it appropriate for a particular patient and have never experienced any adverse effect; but perhaps the reason for this is that I would not expect to do so. I do not doubt that these methods of conducting Spiritual healing can be most effective but are simply working on the principle which I have expressed elsewhere on this website that ‘Energy follows thought‘. One only has to examine the different cultures and belief structures from all over the World, both past and present, to establish that different techniques are employed to have a similar effect and who can say that one belief structure is any better than another?It is the power of the belief through faith or formal training that causes the effect. If you feel the need to go through specific rituals or wear talismans or surround yourself with effigies or materials, such as crystals, which you believe have special healing properties, then so be it. But, once again if we apply simple logic, would we not all have to adopt similar beliefs for example, to carry out Spiritual Healing for it to be effective? The fact that we do not proves to me that such procedures are unnecessary as illustrated by the effectiveness of healing with animals or young babies. It is our own ego that makes us believe that human intervention needs to form part of the experience of carrying out natural healing rather than simply opening ourselves up to receive the ‘Light’ from the divine source.

I hope that the above has provided an adequate understanding to the basis by which I carry out Spiritual Healing and which I have used successfully for more than 20 years. In fact, I didn’t start practicing healing seriously until after the death of my father in 1983 when some of his patients started to gravitate to me for treatment. Until then I had followed a clerical career leading to office management. At one stage, I was also involved in technical writing which no doubt held me in good

stead for when I became involved in the writing of information leaflets for different healing groups. I am aware that the detail provided on this website is probably more than the casual inquirer needs, but there are plenty of reference sources available giving an overview of Spiritual Healing. My purpose has been to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the subject for those who are searching for a fuller explanation.

For the reasons that I describe under points 1 to 4 of topic 16 (Advice on becoming a healer), I became a registered healer with the NFSH in 1995 and have primarily worked from home (formerly known as the Ladysmith Healing Centre). I have also in the past helped out at several healing venues. In my 20+ years as a healer I must have seen thousands of patients and hope that I have been successful in helping the vast majority of them. I have on occasions experienced what some would describe as miraculous results but would be the first to admit that I have also had my share of failures. Of Course, as made clear in other topics on this website, Spiritual Healing can never guarantee a complete cure and much depends on the attitude and cooperation of the patient. Unfortunately, on some occasions patients seem reluctant to fully commit to the process or accept responsibility for their own wellbeing. I have now wound down my healing activities but will never refuse to see a patient who genuinely needs my help. If you have come to my website to seek out further information about Spiritual Healing and are considering trying this form of treatment for yourself or a loved one, I do hope that what I have written here will encourage you to do so. Why not give it a go? Spiritual Healing is completely non- invasive and may provide you with the help you have been looking for. And finally, a few questions and answers for those patients who are considering coming to me:


KENNETH LEEKS - Spiritual Healer

About Myself




Q. What are your charges for Spiritual Healing?A. Earlier in this article I explained how my father had over many years performed acts of healing and never accepted any form of financial remuneration. He did this despite having to bring up a young son and hold down a full time job.

With the principles he instilled in me, I have always found it difficult to apply fixed fees for providing healing. I belong to that group of Spiritual Healers who recognise that the healing energies emanate from God and hold the philosophy that it is wrong to charge for something which we do not own. As a gift from God, healing should be given freely to help mankind and is a true expression of love and compassion. However, the realities are that there are the normal overheads relating to wear & tear, heating, lighting, telephone and other miscellaneous administrative expenses in running a healing practice.



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