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It wasn’t long before he was observed by his doctor friend, who straight away approached him and virtually snatched the book out of my father’s hands. In a rather angry tone of voice the doctor then said to him – “don’t let me ever see you reading a medical book again”. He then went on to say – “You have a marvellous natural gift and if you start studying medical books, you will find that conflict will develop within you as to what instinctively (or intuitively) you feel is needed by the patient and what your medical training has taught you”.

Here was a medical doctor telling my father to follow his instincts and if he remained true to them, they would never let him down. This story has proved to have a profound affect on my attitude to how Spiritual healing should be carried out. My father died many years ago having dedicated his life to helping people and now it could be said that I am continuing the family tradition. Having now myself turned 60, I find increasingly that I am regarded as coming from the old school when it comes to how Spiritual healing should be carried out. In point of fact, I am well versed in all the recognised approaches to giving healing and will often adopt a particular technique, or a combination of methods, to suit the precise needs of the patient.

Despite having been used successfully for thousands of years, I am saddened that most of the current methods of teaching Spiritual Healing have largely abandoned the original principles in favour of Eastern philosophy. The essence of Spiritual Healing is in its simplicity and purity of thought. Once human intelligence is allowed to intervene and starts appealing to the ego by applying controlled techniques, then one demeans Spiritual Healing and makes it no different to any other complementary therapy which is based on trying to manipulate life force energy.Divine energy has no bounds to its effectiveness and is only limited by our own ability to tap into it and use it to maximum effect. This means largely disconnecting from the conscious mind and allowing the energy to flow unhindered to wherever it is required. THIS REQUIRES NO INTERVENTION ON THE PART OF THE HEALER WHO SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO INTERFERE WITH THE PROCESS. In other words the healer should just: “Go with the Flow”.

I regret having to say that I find it somewhat disconcerting that healers today who are trying to develop their gift are obliged to attend courses in order to become registered. The number of courses they need to attend has increased together with the fees and the syllabuses now include subjects which have nothing directly to do with the act of carrying out Spiritual Healing. In the postscript contained under topic 16 (Advice on becoming a Healer), I raise the matter of the belief in Chakras and how much they now form part of the training courses of different healing organisations. How much such beliefs are influencing Spiritual healing was brought home to me only recently by a bulletin which appeared in a respected healing journal. This raised the question if one should work through the Chakras from crown to base instead of in the reverse order. Two answers were provided by senior healers which can only be described as ‘esoteric gobbledegook’ and playing on the fears that if one didn’t work downwards instead of up, then ‘bad’ things could happen to you caused by the raising of Kundalini energy. For those of you who do not know what this is, the word Kundalini is Sanskrit for snake or serpent power and is so called because it is believed to lie like a serpent in the root Chakra. Many forms of Kundalini awakening have come from Indian Yoga and there can be no doubt that yogis, for example, who practice deep forms of meditation can induce a profound effect on the human mind and cause both psychological as well as physical effects. (See topic ‘14’- All in the mind).If you are going to practice Spiritual healing using these Eastern principles of clearing blockages from the Chakra energy centres, then I believe the proper answer is to apply simple logic and like an electrician trying to diagnose the cause of a break in an electrical circuit, one should connect the ‘test instrument’ to both ends (Crown and root Chakra) simultaneously and slowly work upwards towards the source of the healing energy until a pronounced drop in the flow of this energy is felt - thus signifying a blockage or restriction . What is the point in working on the higher Chakras if they are already completely clear? Once you feel that you have re-established the flow, then you should once again connect between the crown and root Chakras to confirm that the flow has been restored. Further work may be necessary on the lower energy points. Do bear in mind that the flow reduces the furthest you are from the source.



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