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Elsewhere on this website I have tried to give a broad and balanced view of the meaning of Spiritual Healing. My primary purpose was to promote a fuller understanding of the process and to deal with some of the more sensitive issues. Under this topic, I am going to express some personal convictions about Spiritual Healing and explain how I became a healer. This is not intended to be a ‘Curriculum Vitae’ but a short insight into my beliefs and background. Before I begin, let me emphasise that the opinions expressed are my own and may not necessarily be shared by any healing organisation or by other individual healers.

You could say that healing is ‘in my blood’ as my late father was a healer. He did not however describe himself by this title, as I will explain later on. Like many of his generation, he had a somewhat harsh upbringing but despite such setbacks was an extremely generous and compassionate man. He was not at all materialistic and always found the greatest pleasures in life were in the giving rather than the receiving. Throughout his life he never once accepted any financial reward for all the help he gave people and would travel miles by public transport to administer to those who were too sick to come to him. I give you this background information about my father since his ideals were to very much influence my own development as a healer.

I was the only child and lost my mother when I was eight. In consequence, I became used to accompanying my father on his many visits to patients. Although I never realised it at the time, being ‘bathed’ so often in healing energy and observing first hand the effect it had on patients, was to help me develop my own intuitive ability when carrying out Spiritual Healing. By observing the ‘body language’ of patients at such an early age, it taught me to be able to read various forms of pain and their origin. Today this ability has become so highly developed that often all I need to do is look into the eyes of the patient to know the precise form of their suffering.

One story in particular that my father told me as a child has very much influenced my whole approach to Spiritual Healing and how it should be conducted, and I would now like to share this story with you.During the Second World War my father, who was a flight-sergeant in the air force responsible for a transport unit, spent a lot of his spare time assisting a medical doctor. This doctor realised that my father possessed the most marvellous healing hands. He only had to lay them on you to be immediately guided to the problem area which incidentally, is often not where any pain is emanating. He would work on the affected area using a form of massage which today would be frowned upon as not forming part of an approved method of carrying out Spiritual Healing. This is why I said at the beginning of this article that my father didn’t regard himself as healer but instead as someone with the gift of having therapeutic hands. However, his gift was very much more than just having a soothing touch, and he would regularly deal with conditions which mainstream medicine had not been able to cure.

Because of the encouragement that this medical doctor had given him, my father decided that perhaps his gift was something that he could develop and take up professionally after the end of the war. He therefore decided that it would probably be to his advantage to undertake some formal medical training and got hold of a medical book on human anatomy to commence his studies.

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